Morgan Cranny

Morgan Cranny is an Actor / Improvisor/ Comedian / Scientist based in Victoria, BC, Canada.

He is a member of Entertainment Village, Sin City the Live Improvised Soap Serial, and the award winning comedy group Atomic Vaudeville

He produces and co-hosts the weekly Comedy Night at the Mint, and is a regular at several other comedy shows in Victoria. Morgan has also entertained at Christmas parties, Bah Mitzvah's, birthdays and weddings. He has performed in exciting locales including Victoria, Nanaimo, Courtney, Duncan, Crofton, Vancouver, Toronto, Bellingham, Orlando and Prague.

Morgan has also performed in local plays, a number of independent local short movies and even hawked wares in a couple of commercials, indicating his willingness to sell his soul.

When not entertaining he spends his days "making science" for the federal government in forestry, specifically as a Geospatial Analyst for the National Forest Inventory (I get to use satellite images to study forests!)